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 FC Public hack with Telekill and OPK!

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PostSubject: FC Public hack with Telekill and OPK!   Mon 06 Sep 2010, 8:18 pm

Important: The loader has been updated. Please re-download the new loader bellow at the end of this post to be able to use the FC4.3 europe version! FC4.3 for CA Europe version has been added!

Hello FC users,

Here is the updated FC4.3 working as of 8/29/2010

FC4.3 comes with Tele-kill / Ghost mode/ Glitcher/ No recoil and much more!

[video=youtube;PH5cYoSNs7U][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Loader updated:

  • Support both NA and europe versions to download from the same loader
  • Loader title fixed

  • fixed some minor bugs

Whats new on FC4.3:

  • Ghost mode fixed
  • Enemy name tags (Will be added in the near future)
  • Real chams (Will be added in the near future)
  • Player stats box ( will be added in the near future)
  • To get the best results using Tele-kill join a "One man army" mode+ use a super knife mode.( will be improved too in the near future).

Instructions of usage:

  • Desactivate your Anti-virus because it may interfere with the injection process.
  • Start FC4.3.exe as admin(for vista/win7 users)
  • Enter you forum username at the "username" box
  • Enter your forum password at the "password" box
  • Click "Login"
  • Go to CA HAcks tab, you should now see the button download
  • Select FC4.3(NA) from the list if you play CA NA and click on Download
  • or
  • Select FC4.3(EUROPE)from the list if you play CA EUROPE and click on Download

  • After the download finishes, a message box will appear saying so.

  • Start CA
  • Press Insert for the menu
  • If you receive CA has stopped working error while the game starts just try again and it should work.

If you have successfully logged in then you should receive a message saying so, else verify your username/password again
Note1: if you enter a wrong username or password 5 times in a row you will be blocked and you will need to wait 15 min before trying again.
Note3: The loader is packed with Themida, to prevent any editing of the file, this means that your antivirus may pick some false positive alerts.


You will need at least 5 post count before being able to download this hacks, If you spam to get your 5 posts you will be banned for 7 days.


For previous FC4.2 users you wont need to re-download anything, just run the FC loader and you will see FC4.3 in the list choice, for new users download FC loader from the attachment in this thread.

Q :After i logged in i received a message saying that the server is down and then the loader closes
A :If you receive this error, this means that the hack is not available at that moment, most likely because of an update or maintenance
Q :So what should i do?
A : The best thing you should do is to visit [URL="http://www.forbiddencheats.net/"][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to check for the news and updates.

Donwload: Kanchou - Link Deleted (Must have 5+ posts on forbiddencheats.net)
Make an account get 5 posts log in on the .exe read the instructions and own some damed noobs!

-Yes I am Lexic.
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PostSubject: Re: FC Public hack with Telekill and OPK!   Mon 06 Sep 2010, 11:47 pm

Lexic, Im sorry to say to you that this loader is considered as data accessing which is considered as hacking >> Against our TOS...

Im proud of course that Lexic comes here !! Smile

But please read the TOS carefully... I'm sure you can stay here without hacking and so on Wink..

Cheats are enough Razz

And for forbiddencheats.net, no problem to just send me a pm saying that you wanna add it to affiliates Wink

#Topic locked

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FC Public hack with Telekill and OPK!
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